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Mr MORRIS (Mornington) — The imposition of the Melbourne 2030 policy has long been a bone of contention for the Mornington Peninsula, which has a long and honourable history in terms of planning. A history that was cut short when the policy of the former government was imposed.

The matter I raise this evening is for the Minister for Planning, and the action I seek from the minister is that he and his department work with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and the people of the peninsula to develop a statement of planning policy specifically for the peninsula to replace the metropolitan strategy.
Planning across the peninsula has a long and honourable history, unlike many areas that have been caught up in the Melbourne 2030 process and the introduction of the urban growth boundary.
There has been a body of work undertaken stretching back to the 1950s which was first conducted by the then Shire of Mornington. We then saw the statements of planning policy nos. 1 and 2 under the Bolte and Hamer governments.
We saw the work at the Western Port Regional Planning Authority and the Western Port Regional Planning and Coordination Committee, upon which I served for some five or six years, and all that work is reflected in the scheme  of today. The fundamentals are basically sound and there is little point in undertaking a dramatic overhaul.
The essential issue is that the policy framework surrounding the decision making particularly suffers from the malevolent influence of the metropolitan policy. That influence impacts on decisions of the council  and particularly on decisions made by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on appeal. The objectives of the metropolitan strategy are too often inconsistent with the intent of the underlying scheme.
The Mornington town centre has very much been the subject of debate, and while the town will change under the agreed rules, the result will be far superior to that which was first proposed by then Minister for Planning, the member for Niddrie.
 Much work had to be done by the council to achieve that outcome, but beyond the town centre, beyond the structure plans, the council and community continue to wage a pitched battle.
A peninsula policy would be consistent with the current objectives and provisions of the scheme but would recognise the importance of ensuring that the special character of the peninsula is retained for the benefit of future generations of Victorians.
The importance of the peninsula as a place of recreation and resort close to Melbourne has never been greater, and as development proceeds in the south‑east it will assume even greater significance.
I seek the assistance of the minister to secure the peninsula for future generations of Melburnians
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