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When will Mornington Pier be fixed?

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My question is for the Minister for Ports.

As the minister is aware, in 2016 the Mornington pier suffered extensive damage from an extreme storm event.

I have previously raised this matter in the house. I sought immediate action to restore the safety of the harbour, but unfortunately, apart from some temporary works, very little action has been taken. We have broken concrete panels sitting on the seabed or lying haphazardly near the pier.

The damage has affected the operation of the lower landing and of the swing moorings in the harbour, which are particularly exposed to westerly and south-westerly winds and waves.

The damage has effectively compromised the safe operation of the harbour under certain circumstances. It is now an issue of public safety, and there is potential risk there to life.

I ask the minister: when will the overdue and urgently required repairs to the Mornington pier be commenced?