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Morris Fights for the Safety of Balcombe Grammar School Students

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Mornington MP David Morris has called on the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan MP, to implement a school zone outside Balcombe Grammar School. The school is situated on a busy state arterial road, Nepean Highway, an 80-kilometer-an-hour zone. This school zone is vital for the safety of drivers, parents and students.

“No reduction for speed is afforded to Balcombe Grammar School even though it is situated on the same highway as Peninsula Grammar and Mornington Secondary College. Why are the students of Balcombe Grammar not afforded the same degree of protection?”

In February 2017, Morris wrote to VicRoads Regional Manager to express his concern, only to have the correspondence intercepted by the minister’s office.

“The overwhelming majority of cars that enter and leave the school travel on Nepean Highway. The buses that serve the school do so from Nepean Highway. To suggest that this school is remote from an increasingly busy state arterial road is nothing more than semantic nonsense.”

“In his response, the minister falsely claimed that Balcombe Grammar School is remote from Nepean Highway and the risk of an incident occurring is low” Mr. Morris said.

“Minister Donnellan must act before the lives of Balcombe Grammar School students are needlessly lost through petty politics.”