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Crime Tsunami Continues

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On another matter, recently released figures confirm the impact of Victoria’s crime tsunami on insurance claims.

Home burglaries claims have grown by almost 30 per cent in the past two years, which compares very unfavourably with New South Wales, which has seen an increase of only 2 per cent in the same period. Amazingly, in the last 12 months, burglary claims have totalled $72 million in Victoria, compared with only $61 million in New South Wales, despite their significantly larger population.

And it gets worse.

Victorians have experienced a 61.7 per cent increase in motor vehicle theft claims over the past two years. In contrast, there was a significant decline in New South Wales of almost 12 per cent.

With the enormous escalation of insurance company payouts, premium costs can only rise—in fact, go through the roof.

Yet again it is left to ordinary law-abiding Victorians to pay the price for the Premier’s failure to protect our community.