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Month: September 2017

Statement from the Shadow Minister for Local Government

I am very pleased to add the job of Shadow Minister for Local Government to my responsibilities. I have served in local government and know better than most its strengths and weaknesses.  At its best, local government builds a sense of community and provides basic but important services and does them well.  At its worst, local government is a magnet for empire builders who think they’ve been elected to the United Nations. I believe if

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Time for Wilsons Rd Lights

Mr MORRIS (Mornington)— I raise an adjournment matter this evening for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. In raising this matter I am asking the minister to take such action as is necessary to advance the construction of traffic signals at the intersection of Nepean Highway and Wilsons Road in Mornington.  This is a step which will not only improve traffic at the intersection but also significantly improve public transport and bus services in

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Frank Winter

Mr MORRIS (Mornington)—I rise this afternoon to mark the passing of Frank Winter, who sadly lost his battle for life in August. Frank was a Liberal stalwart in the best sense of the word. If there was a job to be done, Frank was not only always available but he was front and centre in any of the myriad tasks that are part and parcel of winning and holding parliamentary seats.  In 2006 our party

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An Energy Plan to Bring the Economy to its Knees

Mr MORRIS (Mornington)—I am pleased to join the debate on this renewable energy bill. I might just comment in passing that in fact the abbreviation ‘NB’ does not refer to ‘note before’. It refers to ‘nota bene’ which, as you indicate Acting Speaker McGuire you appreciate, as do I, means ‘note well’, a translation from the Latin.  I think we should certainly note well the comments of the minister in the second-reading speech where she

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The Scourge of Prescription Drug Abuse

MR MORRIS (Mornington) — The abuse of prescription drugs is of course not a new problem. Indeed it was one of the very first issues that I had to confront as a new member of Parliament, and I am sure it had been going on for decades, if not centuries, before that.  Too many people think that if a drug is prescribed, it is safe, and of course it is, if taken in an appropriate manner and

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A typical Labor budget

Record Taxes, Soaring Crime, Increased Congestion, Declining Educational Standards and Skyrocketing Public Sector Wages I am pleased to have this opportunity to makesome comments on the take-note motion on the Appropriation (2017–2018)Bill 2017. Indeed it is probably better late than never because it seems like avery long time ago that the Treasurer stood up in this place. It is ironic that theMinister for Finance, who of course has a significant role in the preparation ofthe

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