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Seniors Travel Concessions in NSW

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Mr MORRIS (Mornington) — I have a question for the Minister for Public Transport.

The question relates to access for Victorian seniors to the New South Wales public transport system.

Currently, two weeks prior to travel seniors are required to apply for a gold senior or pensioner Opal card, which is valid for 60 days only. After 60 days the card is locked out.

Transport for NSW has approached all states and territories to ask that they allow access to the card indefinitely. On the east coast, Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT have given access, but Victoria has not.

The effect of the access would be to extend the period for which the card is issued to the standard period, rather than the very limiting 60-day maximum. This would seem to be a minor, easily rectified issue that would certainly be helpful for senior Victorians.

I understand the issue has been raised with the minister or her office, so there is no doubt some familiarity there.

So I ask, does the minister intend to take the necessary steps to allow senior Victorians full access to the New South Wales public transport system and, if so, when?

Legislative Assembly 20 February 2017