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Frankston Bus Interchange – Not fit for purpose

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MR MORRIS (Mornington) My question is for the Minister for Public Transport.

I recently received an email regarding the new Frankston bus hub. I quote from that email:

I have been writing to the press and to Paul Edbrooke about the lack of shelter at the new bus hub at Frankston station. I think Mr Edbrooke is fed up with me and he has been no help whatsoever …

Unfortunately no-one will admit that a mistake has been made at Frankston station new bus hub.

For bay D which is the three Mornington/Mt Martha buses there is a tiny shelter with a tiny roof. It seats four people. Twenty-five people wait in blazing sunshine and soon it will be worse weather.

I really thought that the 13 million spent … would have produced a super bus station.

It is not well-planned and must be changed. Elderly people are trying to run back across the road where they have been sheltering under shops as the bus approaches. Nothing is safe or comfortable.

So I ask: on what date will the works at Frankston reach a point at which appropriate, convenient, fit-for-purpose shelter is available for bus passengers travelling from Frankston station to Mount Eliza, Mornington and Mount Martha?