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Harry Dean

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Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (13:39:49) — I rise today to mark the passing of Harold Leslie Dean, known to all as Harry, on 4 May this year.

I had the great privilege and pleasure of knowing Harry for over 20 years.

I first made his acquaintance when I was treasurer of the Mornington branch of the Liberal Party, while Harry was in charge of the area of finance. But we got to know one other much better during the GST election of 1998.

By then I was the campaign treasurer for Dunkley, a seat with a slim margin and one that was going to be very difficult to hold. Under the circumstances the approach to campaigning had to be fluid, and the allocation of resources, particularly money, similarly so.

For everything to work as it needed to the man in charge of the money had to be prepared to back his judgement, and he did. We held Dunkley in 1998. We had a hardworking candidate and a hardworking team, and Harry was a very important part of that victory.

Harry was much more than a great servant of the Liberal Party and a good bloke to work with.

When we first met he was long retired and focusing on his passion for golf. He had largely worked in Asia, running the local operations of Fortune 500 companies and their thousands — tens of thousands — of employees. His business expertise and experience was second to none.

I count myself as exceptionally fortunate not only to have met Harry, but to have had the privilege of working with him closely for a number of years.

Harry, you had a long and successful business career, and in retirement you used your skills and judgement for the benefit of your community. Your support and enthusiasm will be greatly missed.

I extend my condolences to Harry’s family and particularly to Margaret. Margaret, yours was truly a wonderful partnership.

Vale, Harry Dean.

Legislative Assembly 22 May 2018