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Ansett Land – sale welcome but what’s the next step

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I welcome the news that sale of the Ansett land has now concluded, and that an investor with existing local interests of is apparently the purchaser.

The sale will assist the Ansett Trust to continue the good work they do for children and young people across the Mornington Peninsula.

We still don’t know the who has bought the land, so we can’t guess what the next steps may be.   It is encouraging however, that the Trust has said that the purchaser is someone with “a great understanding of the significance of this parcel of land”.

The initial approach taken by the Trust’s consultants (EY) was very different, suggesting that this was a land bank, that had potential for redevelopment for commercial, hospitality, healthcare or education, of course with the usual disclaimer “subject to approval”. I welcome the change of heart.

Approval for changes to the urban boundary would have to come from the Parliament, and while it is possible, the chances of a successful application are probably less than I in 100, if not I in 1000.

I call on the Minister for Planning, and the Premier, to join me in a commitment to oppose any move to weaken current controls or to allow quasi-urban residential development.

The green break between Mount Eliza and Mornington is defined by long-standing urban boundaries, and this land is a very important part of it. Any development of the land must protect the existing landscape and be fully consistent with the existing Green Wedge zoning.

The future of the Peninsula depends on it.