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Question – Solar Homes Program

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Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (16:10): (495) My question is also to the Minister for Solar Homes.

The question relates to the Solar Homes program and in particular the instructions provided to the providers of new systems.

A constituent has been advised by his provider that in order for the rebate to be paid he would simply need to pay for the system. He promptly paid the bill but was subsequently advised the request for payment is contrary to the instructions to providers.

In this instance it was not made clear that an eligibility number may be required prior to installing the system.

There is confusion about which guidelines apply, and I have been advised that many providers have indicated an eligibility number is not required prior to installation. Some have told clients the number simply facilitates faster processing when the time comes to apply for the rebate.

So my question is: when the scheme was first announced in August 2018 was it in fact mandatory to get a pre-approval number prior to installing a solar panel system?

If not, when did the rule change, and were installers notified that it was mandatory prior to installing a system?