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Question: Traffic Volumes on Tyabb Rd at Racecourse Road

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MR MORRIS (Mornington) (12:44:06): (623) My question is to the Minister for Roads in the other place.

Since Peninsula Link opened, traffic along Mornington-Tyabb Road has increased significantly. While there are issues along the entire length of the road, the section between Nepean Highway and Moorooduc Highway is now badly congested, particularly at peak hour but frequently at other times throughout the day.

One of the worst intersections is at Racecourse Road, currently a single-lane roundabout.

There is considerable traffic exiting Racecourse Road both northbound and southbound onto Mornington-Tyabb Road. Traffic on the road itself is already high, generating a significant bottleneck.

There is no pedestrian crossing in this area despite the large number of students walking from the Mornington East area to Mornington Secondary College and to other schools. The only way to cross the road is by dodging through the oncoming traffic.

So the question to the minister is: on what date or dates were the most recent traffic counts undertaken at or near the intersection of Mornington-Tyabb Road and Racecourse Road, what was the traffic volume recorded and what is the practical maximum daily two-way traffic capacity at this location?