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Daniel Andrews plots the demise of Victoria’s iconic bathing boxes

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Victoria’s bathing boxes decorating our beaches are much loved by locals and tourists alike, but under a new Labor plan they’ll be ripped off our beaches.

The Draft Marine and Coast Policy report released earlier this month by Daniel Andrews’ Environment Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, states that bathing boxes are “to be removed/relocated as the opportunity arises.”

This is a dramatic departure from the former Liberal Nationals Government’s plans to retain bathing boxes.

Not only are these bathing boxes much loved, many are also heritage listed after being added to the Victorian Heritage Register by the Heritage Council of Victoria in July 2018.

This plan to remove Victoria’s iconic beach boxes would destroy not just an important part of Victoria’s built heritage, but also an important part of Victoria’s cultural heritage.

The Liberal Nationals call on Daniel Andrews to immediately abandon this absurd plan to remove bathing boxes from Victoria’s beaches, and apologise for even contemplating such a ridiculous and out of touch move.