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Victoria’s recycling sector wasting away under Labor

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For more than two years Daniel Andrews and his Labor Government have known that Victoria’s recycling services were in trouble.

The crisis continues to worsen, with reports today that more than 30 councils will be forced to send thousands of tonnes of recycling to landfill if the Andrews Government fails to resolve ongoing problems in the sector.

It was two years ago when China confirmed its intention to ban the import of mixed paper and to impose stricter contamination rules for other recyclables from 1 January 2018. But despite six months’ notice, nothing was done to prepare Victoria for the impact of these changes. In January this year, China banned paper and plastic waste imports completely.

The Andrews Labor Government has been forced to admit councils have had to send more than 22,000 tonnes of recyclables to landfill because the Government had done nothing to shift the industry to a sustainable footing.

Victoria has not had a statewide waste policy since Labor scrapped it in 2014.

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for Environment David Morris

Victoria’s recycling crisis is lurching from one problem to the next.

For too long the Andrews Government ignored the worsening crisis and continued to rely on overseas businesses to deal with Victoria’s recyclables.

Victorians recycling their household waste do so in good faith but have been let down by a Labor Government that claims to be for the environment, but really just doesn’t care.

Despite having had more than two years notice and access to more than half a billion dollars now sitting idle in the Sustainability Fund, Labor has done nothing to develop a modern, sustainable recycling industry.

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