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Labor’s Planning Hypocrisy to Impact Mount Eliza Locals

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Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (09:46): The Minister for Planning recently intervened in the Mornington Peninsula planning scheme to insert amendment C254. This is a reinstatement of a previously permitted capacity to develop an aged-care facility.

Interestingly in the documentation the claim was made that it did not change any revisions that would require the ratification of Parliament. That is because it does not move the urban growth boundary, but it does increase massively the capacity of development on that land outside the urban growth boundary. This is in fact a loophole created by the minister himself. I draw you back to the statement from the Labor Party prior to the last election, where they said in part:

Labor will ensure that planning rules are rewritten through a public process to clearly define permitted land uses and protect the green wedges. The new rules will protect the environment, agriculture … and put a cap on the size of developments.

I would suggest that this latest decision exposes clearly the hypocrisy of that claim. At the first opportunity the minister has intervened to allow development on a massive scale outside the urban
growth boundary—absolutely outside the urban growth boundary. This is a decision that is the exact opposite of what we were promised by the Labor Party before the last election. So I do ask: when is the Labor Party actually going to start telling the truth about their real intentions for planning on the Mornington Peninsula?