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Morris calls on the Andrews Government to Abandon Quarry Investigation

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Mornington MP, David Morris, has called on the Andrews Government to abandon plans for a massive expansion of the existing quarry operations on the slopes of Arthur’s seat.

Speaking in Parliament this week Mr Morris said plans indicated that 70 million tonnes of granite were planned to be extracted from the site.

“If this quarry is permitted to proceed, not only will there be an enormous impact on the landscape, but there is also a risk of significant impact on threatened species and communities.

“The Mornington Peninsula Localised Planning Statement…specifically states:

The natural systems of the Mornington Peninsula, on both public and privately owned land, will be conserved and managed for their habitat and biodiversity values and to maintain and enhance the experience of natural environment.

“A quarry which will extract 70 million tonnes of granite will not maintain and enhance the experience of the natural environment.

“It will not conserve habitat. It will not conserve biodiversity values. It will threaten the future livability and sustainability of the Mornington Peninsula.

“It is time for the Andrews government to stop hiding behind process, to stand up for the acknowledged state policy and to shut down this process now.”