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What steps is the government taking to allow sailing to resume?

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MR MORRIS (Mornington) (11:45): (2685) My constituency question is for the Minister for Fishing and Boating.

It is on behalf of two constituents and the Mornington Yacht Club. The minister’s department has also received representations on this subject from Australian Sailing.

While those engaged in sailing arguably are more exposed to fresh air than those engaged in almost any other sporting activity, there are some significant constraints from both practical and safety perspectives that prevent a full resumption of the sport under the current public health orders.

Specifically, the 4 square metre per person and 1.5 metre-proximity social distancing rules cannot be met on smaller vessels because crews are required to work together to perform manoeuvres, provide ballast to counter the force of the wind et cetera.

It is suggested that an appropriate solution would be to add the words ‘where practically possible while actively participating in the sport’. Standing and sessional orders prevent me from asking for a specific action from the minister, so my question simply is: what actions has the minister taken to allow for a resumption of sailing activities when public health orders are amended from 22 June?

Legislative Assembly 18th June 2020