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Mornington MP David Morris has welcomed the decision by the Mornington Peninsula Shire to reject a plan to build a retirement village outside the Urban Growth Boundary at Mount Eliza. But Mr Morris has warned that the Shire’s decision is only the first step.

The Council report shows that the Mount Eliza and Mornington communities are overwhelmingly opposed to the development, with 1068 objections lodged, compared with only 33 letters of support. This level of opposition alone should be enough to stop the development in its tracks.

But, at the Council meeting, it was revealed that Ryman has submitted the project for consideration by the State Government’s Building Victoria Recovery Taskforce.

The Taskforce has been set up to bypass normal planning process and “fast track” applications. It answers directly to the Minister for Planning and the Treasurer, and the Minister for Planning alone is responsible for making decisions.

“The Ryman site is already the subject of a proposed rezoning to prevent further urban creep. Despite repeated requests from the Council and myself, the Planning Minister has refused to allow the amendment to protect this land to proceed.”

“The Minister has also rejected a request from me to “call-in” and refuse a permit for the development. He must not now allow Ryman to hide behind a health driven economic emergency to subvert proper planning process.”

“I have written to the Minister demanding he reject this attempt to bypass the planning system, and I will raise the issue in Parliament at the very first opportunity. In the meantime I urge every person opposed to this application to email the Minister insisting he not approve this application.”

The Minister’s email address is