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Month: December 2020

A reform that must succeed

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (12:11): This certainly is an extremely important piece of legislation because these so-called suppression practices and these so-called conversion practices are completely abhorrent, and the obvious outcome of this bill is a ban on those practices. The notion that anyone is broken because of their sexuality, the notion that anyone is broken because of the way they identify in terms of gender, is complete nonsense. But it is dangerous nonsense. It is

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Ombudsman and IBAC Funding Cuts – A Blatant Attempt to Hobble the Watchdogs

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (15:52): I rise to support the matter of public importance submitted by the member for Ripon. Before I move to my comments I make the observation that it is a great pity that government members, and particularly the member that has just sat down, think it is necessary, in order to win the debate, to put words into the mouths of the opposition. The charge that we are advocating a position of

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Nepean Hwy/Wooralla Drive Intersection – Action is long overdue!

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (19:21): (5092) I raise a matter this evening for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, who I am delighted to see in the chamber. The action I am seeking is the installation of cameras at the intersection of Nepean Highway, Wooralla Drive and Mount Eliza Way in Mount Eliza. Now, I do not want to be too hard on the minister, but I did write to him on this matter three

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No joy for Mornington in this Budget!

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (13:45): During the last sitting week the Andrews government belatedly delivered its 2020 budget, and unfortunately there was not much, if anything, to say about the Mornington electorate. Apart from a small amount of money for planning and redevelopment of Mornington Special Developmental School, which is very welcome although long overdue, there is not a single cent in the budget for my electorate. But in many ways that budget was no surprise,

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