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No joy for Mornington in this Budget!

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Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (13:45): During the last sitting week the Andrews government belatedly delivered its 2020 budget, and unfortunately there was not much, if anything, to say about the Mornington electorate.

Apart from a small amount of money for planning and redevelopment of Mornington Special Developmental School, which is very welcome although long overdue, there is not a single cent in the budget for my electorate.

But in many ways that budget was no surprise, because the Australian Labor Party has been in power for 17 of the last 21 years.

In 2001 the population in my district was a little over 47 000. By 2019 that figure had increased to almost 67 000, a 42 per cent increase, yet investment in local physical and social infrastructure by Labor has been negligible.

Bungower Road, the main access road to the Peninsula Link, remains choked at peak hour, as does the parallel road, Mornington-Tyabb Road.

Despite government claims, there has not been significant investment in public transport for the Mornington Peninsula. In fact there was significant investment in the marginal Labor seat of Nepean but not anywhere else.

In Mornington not a single new bus service was added, and not a single bus route extension benefits the electorate.

Despite the best efforts of the provider, we have a Third World public transport system in the Mornington electorate, and the government is doing nothing to improve it.

In education the recently released minor capital works program reveals not a single cent for works has been allocated to local schools.

The track record of this government is very clear: if you do not vote Labor, you are forgotten.