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Month: March 2021

Arbitration for Workplace Injury Claims Long Overdue

MR MORRIS (Mornington) (17:14): I am delighted to join this debate on the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Arbitration) Bill 2021, which, despite the complexity of the short title, is in fact a relatively straightforward bill. The bill is essentially amending one act, and it is essentially for a single purpose, and that is the introduction of an arbitration process for workplace injury compensation claims. There are some other minor changes as well, but that

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Alan Moore

MR MORRIS (Mornington) (13:30): I rise this afternoon to note the passing, at the age of 100, of Alan Moore. Alan, or Kangaroo as he was known to many, was a long-term resident of Mount Eliza and more recently of Mornington. Far more importantly, he was the last surviving officer of the 39th battalion, the Victorian militia unit, average age 18, charged with defending New Guinea in 1942. The 39th, youth and inexperience notwithstanding, stalled the

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Fisherman’s Jetty – When will it be fixed?

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (11:46): (5684) My question is to the Minister for Fishing and Boating. As the minister is aware, the Mornington harbour area is managed by Parks Victoria with the support of a funding program from the minister’s department. Fisherman’s Jetty is an extremely popular and well-used location within the harbour precinct. Last year a condition assessment was undertaken on the structural integrity of the jetty, and as a consequence of that report the

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Andrews has no idea of the pressures on small business

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (09:45): There have been repeated claims about the support that the government has provided to assist small businesses to weather the COVID storm. Yet despite these claims we know many Victorian businesses are in trouble, and this morning we learned that the number of business collapses had doubled in February in Victoria. Why? Because the government has totally failed to deliver on their promises. Angela, the proprietor of a Mornington retail outlet,

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Planning Changes – Some Good, Some Bad

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (16:58): If there was one member I thought I would not be following on this bill, it was the member for Burwood, but there you go, these things happen. This bill proposes significant changes to the Planning and Environment Act 1987. It is only one bill, but the changes range across a number of areas, and of course the Planning and Environment Act is a complex act to start with. It is 34 years

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