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Fisherman’s Jetty – When will it be fixed?

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Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (11:46): (5684) My question is to the Minister for Fishing and Boating.

As the minister is aware, the Mornington harbour area is managed by Parks Victoria with the support of a funding program from the minister’s department.

Fisherman’s Jetty is an extremely popular and well-used location within the harbour precinct. Last year a condition assessment was undertaken on the structural integrity of the jetty, and as a consequence of that report the jetty was closed by Parks Victoria.

A notice on the Parks Victoria website indicates only that the jetty is closed until further notice and provides no indication of whether rectification works are proposed or when.

It has been suggested to me, and I certainly hope it is not correct, that the government’s plan is to simply demolish the jetty to save the expense of replacing it.

I ask the minister: has the minister’s department provided funding to Parks Victoria to undertake the necessary repairs on Fisherman’s Jetty, and if not, when will she direct them to do so?