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COVID Restrictions Send a Shiver Down Our Spines

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Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (13:51): This morning’s announcement of renewed COVID measures and the causes behind them have I am sure sent a shiver down the spines of many Melburnians and Victorians, not least because once again the state government is using a hammer to crack a walnut. Once again it is the whole of greater Melbourne being locked down despite the exposure sites—

Members interjecting.

Mr MORRIS: You are right—not being locked down, being limited, despite the exposure sites being in a relatively tight area. It is not exactly a measured and proportionate response.

To add insult to injury, though, the conditions are not imposed on the City of Greater Geelong, but they are imposed on the Mornington Peninsula despite the peninsula being in every single case further away from the exposure sites than is the City of Greater Geelong.

  • The Brunswick site, the closest point to the City of Greater Geelong, is 53 kilometres, but to the peninsula it is 73;
  • the Epping site is 70 kilometres and 84 kilometres respectively;
  • the Reservoir site, 62 kilometres and 75 kilometres respectively;
  • Bundoora, 69 from Geelong, 71 from the peninsula;
  • and Highpoint West, 41 from Geelong, 72 from the Mornington Peninsula shire.
  • But despite all that, despite that site being almost twice as far away from the peninsula as Geelong, Geelong is not affected and the peninsula is.

People should not have any confidence in the public— (Time expired)