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If there is a Victorian Trump look at the Labor benches

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Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (09:54): Last sitting week, before the Parliament sat, the Shadow Treasurer publicly asked a series of legitimate questions about the background of the Premier’s recent medical absence.

In any other workplace accident of this nature WorkSafe Victoria would be called upon to investigate, but in this case, for reasons we all accept and understand, that did not occur. But in the absence of an investigation and in a vacuum caused entirely by the government’s complete silence on this matter rumours have abounded, many of them fanciful, some apparently scurrilous.

The simple way to resolve this issue is to provide a full explanation of events. There was no attempt to invade the Premier’s privacy; it was simply a desire to get to the truth of the matter.

What was the reaction of the government?

The Shadow Treasurer was accused of peddling rumours and of invading the Premier’s privacy. In fact she was subjected to a full-scale assault on her integrity, and the opposition was accused of doing a Trump.

But let us look at the facts: it was this government which refused to provide any information, following their tried-and-true formula that the public does not need to know; it was this government that refused to have a royal commission into the pandemic and relied on its own hand-picked commissioner; it is this government that continues to peddle misinformation and call it the truth; and it is this government that has time and time again reached beyond its legal powers to impose its will on the people.

Sound like anyone?

If there truly is a Trump impersonator in Victoria, look in the direction of the government benches. It is certainly not on this side.