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UFU Tactics Patently Dishonest

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Legislative Assembly 12 October 2021

Mr MORRIS (Mornington): (6060) My question is for the Minister for Emergency Services.

Minister, the UFU is currently engaged in a campaign apparently intended to drive CFA volunteers out of Victoria’s fire services.

It is patently and dishonestly intended to convince the community that they are not safe unless they are located within a Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) coverage area.

On-the-ground tactics include bypassing CFA stations for incidents, including some in their own area, and not recognising CFA trucks as a primary vehicle.

I understand that if FRV is committed for more than 30 minutes a truck will be moved to Mornington Peninsula locations from as far away as Patterson River or Dandenong, despite CFA trucks being immediately available.

Minister, why are FRV vehicles travelling long distances while CFA vehicles which are almost immediately available are being overlooked?