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The Peninsula has suffered under Labor, Time for Balance

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Legislative Assembly 17 November 2021

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (09:51): I have raised the issue of the metropolitan status of the Mornington Peninsula in this place on numerous occasions.

I have tabled petitions with more than 3000 signatures on them in the last 12 months.

The pandemic has heightened the visibility of the metropolitan status, and it has certainly brought it to the attention of many more residents. Many residents are asking, ‘Why is that the case?’.

It is a basic matter of fairness.

Geelong is considered to be regional; the Mornington Peninsula is not. Geelong is eligible for a range of support measures—the Regional Jobs Fund, the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, the Investment Fast-Track Fund and a range of others.

But significantly, Geelong businesses are eligible to pay half the payroll tax rate that businesses on the Mornington Peninsula pay.

Ms Britnell: That is not fair.

Mr MORRIS: That is not fair in any way, exactly as the member for South-West Coast says.

We have also seen disgraceful scare tactics where members of the Labor Party and their fellow travellers are running around saying that if we go to regional Victoria, we will not have the green wedge protections.

That is complete and utter rubbish—absolute rubbish. The only reason that would occur is that the government allowed it to occur. It is in the hands of the government of the day. The scare tactic is a complete and utter furphy.

The peninsula has suffered enough at the hands of this government. It is time we had some balance.