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UFU Tactics Patently Dishonest

Legislative Assembly 12 October 2021 Mr MORRIS (Mornington): (6060) My question is for the Minister for Emergency Services. Minister, the UFU is currently engaged in a campaign apparently intended to drive CFA volunteers out of Victoria’s fire services. It is patently and dishonestly intended to convince the community that they are not safe unless they are located within a Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) coverage area. On-the-ground tactics include bypassing CFA stations for incidents, including some

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A disgraceful, partisan attack on our Volunteer Firefighters

MR MORRIS (Mornington) (16:29:57): Normally I would say it is a pleasure to rise to join a debate, but I have got to say it is not a pleasure to join this debate, because the bill before the house has very, very few redeeming features. Some elements of the bill certainly are welcome, but they are very, very few and far between, and of course I am referring to sections that relate to presumptive rights.

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Presumptive Rights for Firefighters

The Liberal Nationals will fast track Presumptive Rights legislation by introducing a Private Members Bill to ensure all career and volunteer firefighters will have equal access to cancer compensation. On 28 October 2015, the Liberal National Coalition signed a pledge to commit to presumptive rights for all Victorian firefighters. But despite this bipartisan support, Daniel Andrews cynically bundled presumptive rights with his legislation to break up the CFA. Daniel Andrews did this knowing he did

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Mornington CFA – One hundred years of service

Last Saturday night I had the great pleasure of attending a dinner to mark the 100th year of the Mornington fire brigade. At a meeting in late 1916 a group of volunteers resolved to form a Mornington fire brigade, which was duly established once all the necessary support had been received from the state in early 1917. The brigade’s diligent and effective service to our Mornington community for more than 100 years has been recorded

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