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Category: Energy

Fracking ban supported, but the mechanism remains questionable

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (15:04): I am pleased to have this rather unexpected opportunity to actually speak on this bill after narrowly missing out on Wednesday afternoon. I am delighted to have the opportunity, and as the member for Warrandyte indicated during that earlier debate, the opposition has indicated that it is supporting the bill. We are supporting the bill because of the policy, our opposition to fracking, our opposition to the exploitation of unconventional gas.

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Energy Legislation – No protection from Ministerial Overreach

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (18:29): I am pleased to have the opportunity to make some comments on the Energy Legislation Amendment (Licence Conditions) Bill 2020, because this is a bill that confirms what appears to be a rather dangerous trend, and that is the transfer of operational decision-making to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Setting conditions on individual licences is not the role of a minister, particularly one who apparently “does not sweat the

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Question – Solar Homes Program

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (16:10): (495) My question is also to the Minister for Solar Homes. The question relates to the Solar Homes program and in particular the instructions provided to the providers of new systems. A constituent has been advised by his provider that in order for the rebate to be paid he would simply need to pay for the system. He promptly paid the bill but was subsequently advised the request for payment is

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Peninsula Faces Energy Crisis

This week the Hazelwood Power Station will shutdown in the Latrobe Valley due to policy decisions by the Andrews Labor Government. Hazelwood represents 22 per cent of Victoria’s power generation and 1000 jobs, providing affordable and reliable power to homes and businesses. The Andrews Government has tripled the tax on coal and introduced a state-basedRenewable Energy Target of 40% by 2025, forcing the closure of Hazelwood. As aresult of this decision, St Vincent De Paul

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Fracking Banned, But New Gas Exploration Essential

Much of the legislation we deal with in this place is relatively pedestrian. It is important in its way, but seldom does a bill have significant implications that go well beyond its anticipated life. This is such a bill. It is not just an important bill, it is perhaps a critical bill for the future of the state. It is a bill that builds on the work of the former coalition government and a bill

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