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Category: Water

Bureacracy building won’t help the Environment

Legislative Assembly 5 October 2021 Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (11:16): I must say that there has generally been a tradition in this house that at least the first speaker for the government talks a little bit about the bill— about what is in the bill and how the government, beyond the detail required in the second-reading speech, actually came to the position it did and why it is implementing the changes—and generally makes an effort to

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, We’re two weeks away from summer’s end with storages near 70 per cent full, yet Daniel Andrews still hopes to pump in 50GL from his faulty desal plant. Melbourne’s storages are at a health 68.1 per cent, but Daniel Andrews is determined to dump his 50GL desal water in just before the winter filling season starts. At Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearings on Tuesday, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and

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