Community Survey

Your views are important - they help shape the local community.

If you are having trouble completing this survey, you can download a printable version here (download PDF).


1. Your Priorities

Please drag and drop the following items so that your 4 biggest priorities are at the top.

  • Environment
    Protecting the Peninsula and sustaining our local environment.
  • Local Planning Decisions
    Ensuring appropriate development on the Peninsula.
  • Law & Order
    Community safety, police numbers, reducing crime.
  • Roads
    Upgrading local roads to improve safety and ease traffic congestion.
  • Public Transport
    Greater choice, more reliability and increased safety.
  • Hospitals & Emergency Services
    Waiting lists, bed availability, response times.
  • Water
    Providing solutions to improve Victoria's water supplies.
  • Schools
    The quality of our children"s education and local school facilities.
  • Local Council Issues
  • Seniors
    Receiving the services and support needed.
  • Economy & Jobs
    Ensuring continued economic growth and employment.
  • Taxes & Cost of Living Pressures

2. Voting Preference

Who do you intend to vote for at the next State Election?

3. Your Details

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