Letter to the Editor - Worksafe Legislation

04 Oct 2017

Dear Editor,
I read with interest the comments from Mark Gepp in Wednesday’s
‘Sunraysia Daily’ regarding recent changes to Worksafe legislation. Mr
Gepp apparently feels so strongly about these changes that he was
compelled to put pen to paper.

If he is really so committed to workplace
safety why didn’t he speak in the Parliamentary debate when the
changes were discussed?
Perhaps he remained silent because he knows that if he had made his
claims in Parliament they would have been immediately shot down in
Workplace safety should be the top priority for every employer, and for
every employee. Worksafe is focussed on working with both employers
and employees to eliminate workplace dangers and deliver safer work
environments. But rather than working with employers, Daniel Andrews
and Mark Gepp seem to think that workplace safety can be improved by
bullying and intimidating employers. It can’t!
Daniel Andrews latest changes to the Worksafe legislation are all about
threatening employers with a 500% increase in penalties for offences
that have never, in the history of the Act, occurred.
If the Andrews Government is serious about saving lives it would follow
Worksafe’s example and work constructively with employers. If Mark
Gepp is serious about workplace safety perhaps he should stop
attacking employers and start participating in parliamentary debates.
Yours sincerely,
David Morris