Mount Eliza Green Wedge

02 Nov 2017

The Mount Eliza Green Wedge is once again under threat.
Proposals have been recently invited for 22.3 Ha of land on the corner of Kunyung Road and
Albatross Ave, Mount Eliza. Material prepared by Ernst and Young Real Estate describes
the property as ”…one of the last available green-wedge land bank sites on the Mornington
Peninsula…” and as having “Potential for redevelopment and incorporation of a range of
uses, including commercial, leisure, hospitality, healthcare, education and a cliff top
dwelling/s (subject to approval).

The land is outside the Urban Growth Boundary and zoned Green Wedge. The zoning is
intended, among other things, to protect “the character of open rural and scenic non-urban
landscapes.” While some of the potential uses identified may be permitted under the
planning scheme, they are usually required to be undertaken with agriculture or as part of a
vineyard, not as a stand-alone use.
The Mornington Peninsula Localised Planning Statement, introduced by the Napthine
Government in 2014, and still State Policy, includes an objective intended to protect the
Peninsula’s landscape and cultural values. In particular the policy states:
• Areas of special character, beauty and significance, including areas of strategic
importance necessary to maintain the sense of separation between townships, will be
designated and protected.
• The character of the Peninsula’s rural area, rural landscapes, coastlines and
seascapes will be protected…
It is difficult to see how some of the potential uses proposed could be undertaken without
either a change to the Urban Growth Boundary, or a substantial redrafting of the Planning
Statement and the Green Wedge Zone, or both.
I wish to place on record my total opposition, and that of the State Opposition, to any change
in the long-standing urban boundary south of Mount Eliza. The boundary has been in place
for decades, and it has been understood by successive generations of Peninsula residents
that the location is permanent.
I will not support movement of the boundary, or a weakening of the Green Wedge Zone
under any circumstances.