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Traffic Congestion – Racecourse Rd and Morningtton Tyabb Road

29 May 2019

MR MORRIS (Mornington) (09:48:23): Since Peninsula Link opened in early 2013 traffic volumes on many nearby local roads have increased significantly.

While the design allowed the horrendous bottleneck at Frankston to be avoided, and that was most welcome, there was considerable disruption to established traffic patterns.


Parliament’s Budget

28 May 2019

MR MORRIS (Mornington) (17:34:25): It is interesting to hear from the member for Broadmeadows.


Without pursuing that theme too closely, while I accept and agree with much of his comments in terms of the need for truth in debate, I am not sure that the impact of technology is...


Are the Main St Traffic Counts Really Accurate?

02 May 2019

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (17:17): (541) I raise a matter for the Minister for Roads, and the action I am seeking from the minister is that she direct VicRoads to undertake an analysis of the traffic signal detector counts for the intersection of the Nepean Highway and Main Street, Mornington, recorded...


Victoria’s Waste Crisis

01 May 2019

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (14:32): From the party that preferences the Greens ahead of anyone else just about every time that is quite an amazing exposition.

I grieve for the state of the waste and resource recovery sector in the state of Victoria and particularly for the people and indeed for...


Question – Solar Homes Program

30 Apr 2019

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (16:10): (495) My question is also to the Minister for Solar Homes.


The question relates to the Solar Homes program and in particular the instructions provided to the providers of new systems.


788 Buses – Extra Services Needed Now

21 Mar 2019

Mr MORRIS (Mornington) (17:20:24): (416)

I raise a matter this evening for the Minister for Public Transport.

The action I seek from the minister is that she agree to the provision of an additional bus service, on the 788 route, to run in scheduling terms just immediately after the current...